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Mailing-list Server

The Mailtraq Mailing-list server is provided as part of your Mailtraq license and is a perfect and cost-effective solution for a variety of tasks, from email marketing to group collaboration and announcements to message distribution. Mailing-lists enable you to send messages to multiple recipients by sending one message to the Mailing List and have the Mailing-list Server manage the replication of that message. Mailtraq has a very flexible mailing-list server that makes it suitable for sending messages to small local groups or to very large lists for email campaigns. See mailing-list server video.

There are four main types of Mailing-list, in addition to the Basic Mailing-list which can be configured for any purpose.

Mailing-list ServerDistribution Group
This accepts mail from anyone and delivers it to all the group members or subscribers.

Mail Sharing List (Round Robin)
This accepts mail from anyone, but only delivers it to one of the group members at a time. It is designed for work-sharing in Sales or Support Teams.

Announcements List
This accepts mail only from Administrators, and subscribers can join by email.

Subscription Forum
This accepts mail from any subscriber, and subscribers can join by email.

List Wizard - your built in assistant

The Mailing-list Server has a Wizard to help you configure your mailing-list in the manner you wish with just a few simple questions, and there is extensive configuration assistance available for fine tuning and custom management. The Mailtraq mailing-list server has a number of advanced features to manage large mailing lists, including Automatic Address Check where if a message is returned, the invalid subscriber can be automatically removed or suspended, Delivery Receipt Requests are stripped, and the mailing-list server also incorporates VERP (Variable Envelope Return Path) - 'Bounce' processing designed to cope with bounces where the original subscriber address isn't included.

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 Mailing-list Server video

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