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Internet Access Control

The optional Mailtraq Proxy Server makes it straightforward to control access to the Internet, control time wasting on Social Networking sites, video watching, and monitor web activity. It puts you in Control. When a user wishes to browse a page not available on the local network, their browser requests the page from Mailtraq. You decide what sites they can access with both blacklist and whitelist controls, schedule access times, plus warning notifications to the Admin, and more. See Internet access control video.

Proxy serverReporting and Notification

Mailtraq will send an email to a designated recipient immediately there is an attempt to reach a banned website.The email says which user is involved, the machine that is being used and the website they are attempting to visit. Mailtraq will also send a consolidated report on a regular basis.

How does it work?

The Proxy Server appears to the local network to be a web server, and page requests made to the proxy are forwarded to other servers on the Internet. Access is secure, since machines can only access the Mailtraq server (which provides firewall protection for all its services). The Proxy Server also provides the ideal email solution for school and college networks, enabling you to give every student safe e-mail and Internet Access with the minimum of administration.

Content Filtered Web Access and Messaging

The Proxy Server can monitor both E-Mail and Web traffic with both a blacklist/whitelist and dynamic filtering system, which efficiently prevents access to inappropriate material. Keep your students out of inappropriate web sites and prevent them from receiving explicit junk mail.  

Using a single connection (modem, ISDN, DSL, T1 etc) Mailtraq's proxy server can give every machine access to the World Wide Web. Access control can be applied on a machine-by-machine basis, and all activity is logged.

Read more about the Proxy Server at Web Access Control

 Internet Access video

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