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Taking over responsibility for your own email messaging, or changing email server software is a major step for any company or organization and email security should be your number one consideration. You must be sure that your messages are kept safe from prying eyes, that your email messages are secure in transit and the email server software must be secure against attack. Mailtraq has had you covered  - along with thousands of other companies - since 1997.

Secure email storage: Who has your email?

Mailtraq secure email Email is at the heart of your company or organization, and where those messages are stored is of vital importance to the long term health of your firm. There is a degree of hassle and expense involved in running your own email server but it gives you complete physical control over who has access to your email.

If you use your ISP's service then their system administrators can see and read your messages. Similarly if you use a SAAS supplier for a hosted email service, and if you use a Cloud provider you not only don't know who is reading your email, do don't even know where in the world it is kept.

Email messages held on third-party searches are subject to search and monitoring without notice to you. You can save money by not owning and managing your own email server but risks to your business from data theft make it a false economy. Mailtraq stores all messages on your own server. You manage physical access: you keep your own email secure.

Secure email transport: Who's reading your email?

As your email messages move across the Internet they can pass through numerous server and routers and at any point your messages are vulnerable to eavesdropping and tampering. Ordinary message protocols allow anyone who can access your messages to read and act on them. You can ensure email security by using the secure TLS (Transport Layer Security) or SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) variants: SMTPS, POP3S, IMAP and HTTPS.  That way your confidential email messages are as secure as your communications with your bank or credit card company.

Email server security: Who's attacking your email?

It is equally important that you have robust protection against threats from spam and viruses. Mailtraq's integrated multi-layer security protects your email clients and maintains your email security by controlling threats as they happen. Read more about spam and virus control.

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