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Spam and virus control

Mailtraq spam control provides the very best power features to counter spam, that can be used individually or in combination and are included with your Mailtraq Professional License. You have premium anti-spam controls at no extra charge. Without robust spam controls unwanted emails clog inboxes and waste time and resources, but over aggressive spam controls risk losing legitimate messages.

Spam controlMailtraq's spam controls provide an excellent balance allowing the free flow of 'good' messages while carefully blocking spam.
See spam and virus control video.

  • Greylisting - Probably the single most effective tool to defend you against spam.
  • Bayesian intelligent Anti-spam - Highly effective system recognizes spam based on its contents 
  • SpamAssassin - is an open-source mail filter project with a diverse range of tests and is very effective in separating spam from non-spam mail. 
  • Dynamic Blacklisting (DBL) - Consults multiple 3rd party databases listing known sources of spam 
  • Connection Management - Easy to use controls to reduce spammers connections by up to 90%.  

Plus multiple SMTP spam controls:

rDNS-lookup , Sender Policy Framework - SPF, Backscatter Mitigation, DomainKeys email authentication system designed to verify the DNS domain of an E-mail sender and the message integrity. Challenge & Response - Mailtraq will reject suspected spam at SMTP and the 'challenge & response' system will allow the sender of the rejected message to resend their email and be sure it will get through. And more...

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Virus Control options

Virus controlViruses can be one of the most crippling threats to an organization, destroying information and taking computer systems out of action whilst they are rebuilt.

As most viruses these days arrive by email, Mailtraq virus control can play an important role in protecting the organization. Mailtraq enables you to use a number of different technologies to achieve virus control - you are not locked in to one particular approach or anti-virus vendor. The virus control interface is integrated to the Mailtraq Console under the Options menu.

Free virus control
Mailtraq also integrates with the free ClamAV anti-virus control system as well as the leading antivirus software for mail servers. 

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 Spam and virus video

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